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An increasing number of students are joining UAA International, Inc. (dba Universal Air Academy - UAA) for the past 3 to 5 years to meet the booming demands for quality airplane pilots and helicopter pilots in the aviation industry world wide. UAA has been keeping up with the demand of high standards of flight training for students that are seeking the next generation of professional airline pilots.

All customer's voices are heard at UAA and the quality of training, instructors and equipment are noticeably gaining strength. It's your turn to step in and join the aviation industry, today. The opportunity is here. It is the time to go for your dream of becoming a professional airline pilot / commercial helicopter pilot.

Contact us or visit us to learn what we can do to help your dream come true!

If you have inquired through our website and requested flight training information but have not heard back form us, please be patient. Due to high volume of inquiries that require utmost attention are being answered in the sequence that we receive the inquiries.

Our office our are from 8am to 7pm (Pacific Time). Please, feel free to call us during these hours and our representatives will also be able to further assist you.

UAA International, Inc. is now also an official PSI/Laser Grade Testing Center for FAA Knowledge Exams. If you would like to come in for the exam, please be sure to call us in the morning of the day that you intend to take the knowledge exam, to ensure that the test can be processed that day.

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